All the benefits you will get from Huawei watch 2

Android placed on stays a very interesting breed of fascinating watches some companies select to head fancy and others select out to go sport it’s very tough to locate one watch that fits both criteria something it’s kind of bizarre considering that the most famous Smartwatch within the global is designed to be every the Huawei Watch 2.The elegance of its predecessor so for those of you looking for a fancier offering it’s time to see some more you should prefer the huawei watch 2 buy online. I was invited to the launch of the Huawei watch 2 I immediately said let me know about the availability of Huawei watch 2 buy online I mean don’t get me wrong the shiny accents on the regular watch are fine but I wanted more of a watch after receiving the most insane box.

Before considering huawei watch 2 buy online you should thoroughly see the presentation, it is nearly identical to the sports sibling and the same goes for the accessories. you get the same wall adapter, the same proprietary pin connector our complaints of the first Huawei watch charger are now gone as this one seems to include more powerful magnets to secure the charge the new classic comes in a titanium color that has quickly grown on me I mean smart watches today are either black or silver so this is a good way to stand out from the crowd I’m not a big fan of leather bands so I decided to pimp things up a bit with an aftermarket option from Amazon.

Features & Built quality

The Huawei Watch 2 Classic is a 48-millimeter watch that weighs a hefty 47 grams so yeah it’s targeting people looking for a larger and heavier watch we have a 390 by 391 point 2 inch AMOLED display that can get very bright and under the hood we have the Snapdragon wear 2100 768 megabytes of RAM 4 gigs of storage a 420 milliamp-hour battery and ip68 water and dust resistance the classic doesn’t include LTE capabilities though you can’t take phone calls through the speaker and GPS is tracking the main difference between the regular Huawei Watch 2 in the classic is the added aluminum.

I did say added because there is still plastic in the casing on both sides I find the Huawei brand on the plastic to be tacky on the side I mean when have you really seen a classic watch showing you an engraved branding on one of the sides and then other differences at least with the units that I’ve received our LT on my sport model and the classic uses a thicker 22-millimeter band when compared to the 20-millimeter band on the sport model so yeah you won’t be able to swap bands between them and the differences with its fancy predecessor is that the sapphire went out the window in favor of Gorilla Glass and everything else. You should keep these things in mind before deciding huawei watch 2 buy online.

If you’re looking for huawei watch 2 buy online this is probably one of the best ones though bear in mind the price tag is not cheap folks while you decide make sure you follow us on social media to get up-to-date information.

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