Are You Making These 6 Local SEO Mistakes?

Don’t get discouraged if you find that there are a few mistakes in your local SEO. The good news is it is relatively easy to fix, especially if you hire SEO agency Brisbane. You must identify what’s wrong, preventing you from getting the top ranks in Google’s local results. After you have figured everything out, you can take action and clean your website.

How does SEO impact Brisbane audiences?

Your Brisbane audience is online 24/7. Popular activities they engage in include email, web browsing, and banking. They are also extensively active on e-commerce websites purchase online. Therefore, it is crucial to improve your SEO and hire SEO agency Brisbane. Connect with this demographic and provide them with premium experiences.

  1. Site map

Every business website must embed a site map. Your site map provides vital information to the search engine spiders. It makes it easier for them to explore your pages. Embedding a site map requires minimum effort and can certainly level up your website.

  1. Multiple URLs leads to the same page

It is not rare for a site to have two or more URLs that go to the same page. But this practice will result in a failed check of your domain. Once this happens, every inbound link to that page will be split between the two URLs. It will hurt your inbound link efforts, and as a result, your SEO campaign could suffer. It is crucial to incorporate 301 redirects and make a thorough review of your canonical check.

  1. No H1 tags

The main header tags must have H1 tags. These are large texts found on the page headline in particular sections. It is crucial to have your H1 tags optimized for search engines, so they can adequately categorize your content. Creating one-of-a-kind H1 tags with keywords relevant to the page’s content will level up your SEO efforts.

  1. The title tags are not optimized

Every title tag on a page needs to be optimized. Searchers click on these to go to a site when they are at the search results. The title tags must be relevant to the content on the page and be between 50 and 65 characters. The title tags must be optimized with keywords in compliance with the SEO best practices.

  1. Overuse of keywords


A type of black hat SEO tactic is keyword stuffing. But these days, it doesn’t fly anymore. For copywriters, it is sometimes challenging to find the right balance between too much and not enough keywords. When you use too many keywords, your content might come off as spammy. But with a lack of keywords, search engines will not have enough data to rank your content. Make sure your content has sufficient keywords without sounding spammy.

Brisbane audiences are constantly online. They are on the lookout for high-quality content to provide them with information about products and services. Brisbane’s residents are part of the nearly 20 million internet users in Australia.

  1. Low-quality inbound links

Inbound links are crucial for improving site ranking. Your website must obtain inbound links from authoritative sources to kick up your rankings. But low-quality link sources won’t do your site any good. Look to gain inbound links from industry leaders even though it may be a challenge.

Improve your SEO strategy and help your Brisbane audience find you.

The population share of Brisbane residents who are active in social media where SEO is crucial is growing. Overall, social media engagement in Australia, including Brisbane, has increased up to 18% between 2015 and 2021.

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