Asus Router Security

Once we’ve set up our Internet routers, we often stop thinking about their level of security. Some of us may be to blame for the hasty process of installing and skipping some very important and costly steps. The router produced and sold by ASUSTek is the one I knew about, of course. Asus itself has acknowledged that problems can occur if your router is set up incorrectly. I’m going to give you a few reasons to spend time setting up the Asus router correctly.

Some of their routers come with features called AiCloud and AiDisk that allow users to connect the hard drive to their routers to create their own cloud storage. Since the release of these routers, there has been a complaint from the FTC. The complaint states that Asus routers have had/have serious security vulnerabilities that allow hackers to have a negative impact on consumers by gaining access to sensitive information, such as tax documents that people store in these cloud services.

If you’re using an Asus router at home, try to follow the following guidelines as soon as possible. First, make sure you download the latest security updates for your router. The FTC has noticed that the Asus Router Update Toolkit shows that your router is being updated, although often it is not. This is one of the main factors that jeopardize people’s personal information.

Asus is expected to fix this issue in the future and provide accurate information about software updates. Having said that, I recommend doing this with your router. Check out your router’s Asus software update tool and visit the Asus support site for the latest security updates. Make sure your network storage is limited. Make sure your access to AiCloud and AiDisk is limited by your preferences. The FTC also found a problem with one of the default settings in setting up AiDisk, which allows anyone on the Internet to access your personal store. For maximum privacy, choose “limited” or “admin rights” instead of the “unlimited” default option. Be sure to change pre-installed router passwords. The FTC found that pre-set passwords were considered “unreliable.” In general, be careful with what you do online because there is always a risk of hacking.

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