Beginner’s guide for luxury car rentals in Dubai

Dubai is the city where you can live your every fantasy. We can help you with one such: Driving a supercar.

Choose among top-of-the-line brands such as Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Maserati and the likes. You name it and we’ll help you find it from a local car rental company at the best local rates in Dubai.. Such cars come in the latest models with full-option tech and are always kept in pristine condition.

While hunting for a luxury car rental in Dubai, you chanced upon OneClickDrive – Lucky you! You’ll be sure to pay the best car rental rates across the emirates. Compare offers from multiple car rental companies across Dubai, contact them for your requirement and book it directly! You don’t even have to pay any commission or booking fees. Deal straight with the supplier.

If you are new to the UAE or visiting for the first time, here’s a guide to ensure you have the utmost car rental experience. One of the main reasons being that you’ll be signing a car rental contract with the supplier.

You need to be sure that the terms and conditions are favorable for you and standard to the industry. You’ll also be putting down a security deposit in cash or by a credit card in order to rent a supercar. The amount can be as high as AED 5000 and refunded back to you 21 to 30 days after you return the vehicle. So you need to be doubly sure that the company you’re dealing with will return the amount to you in full.

Choose a reputed company

While hunting for a specific car that you’ve set your eyes on, say a Ferrari 488 Spyder, you might find the same car model from different companies. They might offer varied rates for similar models. They shall all claim to provide a great experience and offer a discounted price. However, a company’s online presence speaks for itself.

It’s important to hence check the company’s website. If the website is not attractive to your eyes, doesn’t offer valuable information or looks suspicious. It’s best to keep away. Next, check the online reputation of said agencies via Google, Facebook, TrustPilot and so on. You’ll be able to understand genuine reviews from the looks of it. If there are genuine photos and profiles sharing genuine ratings, you’ll know it. The top car rental companies believe in transparency and will not add any hidden charges to your rental amount.

OneClickDrive works with the most reputed car rental companies across the emirates. You’ll be sure to find some great luxury car rental suppliers through us.

Choose the right car

In case you are travelling to Dubai with a family of 7 but you booked a 5-seater luxury SUV, your purpose will not be met. It might lead to a lot of hassle and difficult circumstances for you and the car rental provider.

It’s hence best to be sure about the car you wish to hire. OneClickDrive has an intuitive search filter to help you find the ideal car for you with a few clicks. You’ll also find detailed information about every car rental offer.

Most of our luxury car rental partners offer some amazing cars by Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Maserati as well as the high-end car brands. We suggest that it’s best to convey your specific requirements to the individual luxury car rental company, they’ll be more than happy to assist you best.

Fix a budget in mind and stick to it

The cost of the car rental Dubai is another important aspect that you must take into account when renting a car Dubai. There’s a car for every budget. But it’s important to find out the market cost of the car you wish to hire. Luxury car rentals come in varied price ranges.

If your budget is unlimited, you have nothing to worry about. But you should never be paying too high or too low than the average cost of the specific car model. Too high and you’re being taken for a ride. Paying more doesn’t mean you’re going to receive better service, only that the company is profiting more from you. Too less is probably fishy as the car rental company has bills to pay too.

Bring it Back Scratch-less

The maintenance of the car is certainly the responsibility of the luxury car rental agency. But if you are in an accident or have accidentally broken a headlight of the car, the renter is responsible for paying the damage cost upto the excess claim amount. However, it’s best to read the car rental agreement carefully before signing.

The top luxury car rentals take a deposit against the car they provide. If any damage or scratch is spotted in the rented luxury car, the amount will be deducted from the deposit. Also, if you get a ticket or break any traffic rules, then the renter is liable to clear the entire amount before handing it over to the car rental.

However, please understand that neither you or the car rental company wants the headache of fixing the car. It’s a loss for the car rental company each day the car is in the garage after a mishap. So please drive safely at all times but especially if it’s a rental car!

Your wish to drive a luxury car is surely going to be fulfilled when in Dubai. Hiring a luxury car is super easy. However be sure to keep the above that are applicable to all including beginners. Know what you are renting and how you should be treating that rental, best not land in any trouble.

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