Building self-confidence

Many people carry a misconstrued notion about self-confidence. While lauded by many, it is perceived otherwise a lot of people. However, there is a fine distinction between being cocky and irritating and being comfortable in your own skin.

Self-confidence is when you trust your own abilities, qualities, and judgement. It is when you are able to stand your own ground, due to trust in yourself.

It is vital self-confidence be encouraged and even taught. Not only is it imperative for your success and performance in school and at work, but also, very important for your mental health as well.

People lacking confidence are more prone to stress and anxiety. They are also more likely to be controlled and emotionally abused by others. If you feel your mental health in such perilous situation, it is vital that you seek help from a Psychologist in Lahore.

How to build self-confidence?

If you are amongst those struggling with self-confidence, the good news is that it is a skill that can be honed. Following are some ways to build self-confidence:

Know your body is your temple

Do you slouch to become smaller? Are in uncomfortable in your skin? Do you think of yourself as being ugly, especially when you are healthy or overweight?

When you are dissatisfied by your physical body, you are more prone to suffer from poor self-confidence. However, while there are mental and emotional dimensions to it as well, , a lot many times, the feeling is also a result of years of mistreating your body.

Therefore, start taking better care of yourself. Eat well; stick to balanced diet that is full of natural ingredients. Moreover, take up physical activity. Exercise is not only vital for your body to function well, but also plays a role in your mental health as well.

Prioritize your sleep as well. Do not skimp on it, as your body gravely suffers from the impact of lack of quality shuteye.

Enough with the comparison

One way to kill yourself is by buying into the dogma that life is a rat race. It is not. Everyone has their own challenges and learning curve. You do not have to compare yourself to others and become insecure by other’s success.

Constant comparison with others also then morphs into envy, that leads to discontentment. The resultant feeling of disgust from being jealous of other takes further toll on mental health.

Thus, end the comparison. Do not berate yourself for being not successful as your peers. Instead,  rejoice in your own accomplishments.

Be around positive people

When you are around people who perpetuate your feeling of self-doubt, who are actively challenging negativity, and focusing on what’s missing as opposed to what’s present, your disposition also becomes very negative, in which it is hard for confidence to flourish. Hence, surround yourself with positive people who give you courage and confidence.

Positive talk only

It is pertinent that you channel positivity for to become surer of yourself. Self-doubt and hatred can make it hard for you to trust yourself. This can be improved by positive self-talk.

Thus, tell yourself you got this. Say that you got the challenge. Surround yourself with affirmations like I can handle things, I can do anything, I deserve the abundance.

Try to remove the emotions of hate in your talk. Rather than saying you hate a job, tell yourself you do not like it. When you take the intensity out of it, the impact also improves, giving you more control over the situation and confidence in yourself.

Seek help

Many people have self-confidence issues rooted in poor self-esteem. They do not value themselves, themselves. Naturally, they do not consider themselves worthy, and exude this state of low self-worth.

There are various complex reasons behind poor self-esteem and resolving them with the aid of a Psychologist in Karachi  can help you improve your overall demeanor.

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