Does Angular have any Official Certification? Know More Here

Angular is a well-known term among developers today as it is used all over the world. Angular is a completely open-source web framework founded by Google, so there is no direct link to organizations that can handle the overall development, but independent developers are free to submit their modifications and requests directly to Google. Many organizations offer technical certifications such as Microsoft, so many certification exams are conducted by their own organizations. This shows that the developer is looking for knowledge and applying it to the test. If successful, the award will be made available in the format of a Certificate. But unfortunately, there is no official Angular certification as it has no direct ownership.

Why would you need a certificate?

Many people question if they really need a  professional technical certificate to demonstrate their skill and knowledge base. The truth is that this information is very valuable in the marketplace today, showing potential candidates for employment and further highlighting the overall performance of these candidates. As a developer, recognition brings more value to your career and prospects because the market demands the best candidates for the specific organization and its role. Therefore, accreditation plays an important role in portraying you as being superior to the other candidates in meeting the technical requirements.

The certificate now exists in all fields, including finance, marketing, banking, accounting, project management, fleet management, and more, and not just the technology sector. Plus, it allows you to make the most of a wide range of theoretical or practical disciplines. By integrating these values and principles, professionals can create massive opportunities for businesses, using Angular.

So who can provide Angular Certification?

As mentioned earlier there is no official way to get a certificate from Google for Angular. However, if you want to learn Angular, there are many websites and portals where you can learn all the basic and advanced Angular concepts from certified Angular developers. More and more people line up to undergo the training, and once the training is complete, the user has the right to obtain a certificate signed by an authorized person.

There are many websites that offer paid or free Angular e-learning content, so before starting a course, you should review the course content such as the number of topics or lessons you need to prepare and the time to complete them. In this age of rapidly changing technology, organizations don’t have enough time to train their existing staff, so Angular certification and training provided by third-party organizations serve as a strong proof of skill.

For new entrants who are unsure what course to take, many free services are available to teach you Angular and even give you a certificate at the end of the training.

With the industry evolving so rapidly, being well versed in Angular and having the certification to prove your merit is the most prominent leg up you can have over your competition. So make sure to choose the best course possible for you.

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