Top 4 Tips for Making a Personalized Welcome Home Banner

Spending years without seeing your precious and loves ones is indeed a very difficult thing. When they leave, it makes you sad. But as the days pass by, you achieve new confidence and happiness that you’ll be seeing them soon enough. As homecoming day closes by, you develop new excitement and start planning for their return, ready to welcome them to the home again. Whether you’re welcoming someone coming from a long business trip or coming from the hospital, homecoming events are undoubtedly touching and special. You might have seen thousands of homecoming videos going viral on the internet. But, not all the moments are captured on camera. The welcoming process is filled with excitement and anxiousness.

Are you waiting for someone to come home after a long time? If so, you should consider making the homecoming event more special with an attractive welcome home banner. Before purchasing your first welcome home banner, you need to consider a few things. In this article, we will discuss the top 4 tips for making a personalized welcome home banner.

Consider the Occasion

While you’re searching for the perfect welcome home banner for your previous one, you should consider the particular occasion. Many people forget the venue of the event and end up purchasing a less attractive welcome home banner. Is your loved one is returning from a lengthy business trip or a long tour duty overseas? Maybe your loved one is returning to the home after living in another country for years. Once you determine the particular occasion, you can easily choose a relevant welcome home banner for your event. Additionally, this will also help you to make decisions regarding your banners such as color, design, and message. As per Write Out Loud, you can also prepare a welcome home speech.

Choose the Relevant Banner Type

How, when, and where you showcase your welcome home banner will help you to determine the perfect type of banner as well as the specific banners that will work best for your needs. For instance, if you want to showcase your welcome home banner outside where it will be exposed to various elements such as dust, dirt, and sunray, then you should choose a heavy and fade-resistant welcome home banner. However, if you want to showcase the banner inside, a standard vinyl banner will be effective.

Determine the Size

Welcome home banners are available in various sizes. You can purchase banners from as small as three feet by three feet to as large as 30 feet by 100 feet. Hence, make sure you’re confident about the sizing before making a purchase. Remember that welcome home banners are slightly heavy. So, choose the size as per your need but make sure that the size is relevant as per the occasion.

Order the Banner in Time

Remember that the processing time of the welcome home banner isn’t fast. How quickly you need your welcome home banner will determine which banner you can order. The printing process is quick for some banners, whereas others might take a little time. Make sure you choose the perfect manufacturer if you want to receive your banners quickly.


These are the top 4 tips that will help you to make a personalized welcome home banner. There are no other better ways than a welcome home banner to surprise your loved ones. No matter the occasion, these banners will undoubtedly enhance the mood of the event.

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