Selecting an NBN Plan to Suit Your Needs

There are currently many NBN service providers. Choosing the right plan can be quite difficult, especially if you don’t know what to look for. It’s always important to look for the best deals to get the most out of the plan you end up agreeing to. There are registered Internet service providers and some resellers should be considered.

The final choice you make should be based on your needs, quality of service, customer satisfaction, contract value and internet connection speed that you so badly want. Here are a few places where there is no regulator in the industry, and sometimes ISPs may not be as honest about their speed and the type of experience many customers want. Therefore, you should:

To know yourself

Before you travel to find a good broadband plan, you need to know how you use the Internet for personal use and what data you need. You should also take into account the demographics of people living with you and their usage patterns, as this will affect data and bandwidth requirements.

Sometimes age determines how long a person stays online, so young people spend more time and use more data. Those who are a little active and productive seem to spend less time, while those over the age of 45 are the next largest users of the data.

How Internet usage is transformed into data requirements

Data requirements usually vary greatly depending on the type of Internet usage. There are different categories of Internet users, and they are based on their use of the Internet.

Depending on the generation, many classifications are possible. However, we can also group them according to how the Internet is used, so we can determine what evidence you need.

Internet surfing: If the Internet is only used to access your email, make phone calls, then browse the web and probably also to access social networks, you may end up spending up to 300MB per hour.

Online gamers: Online gamers typically need about 40MB of data per hour. However, this may increase as they participate in VR games. Most of the game data comes from downloading new games and major game updates. Taking this into account, you may need 100-200 GB per person per month, but there may be a difference.

Social Media Employee: You can use the Internet very casually, but you can spend a lot of time uploading messages, videos and images on social networks. In this case, you can consume about 120MB per hour, and videos can add 3.5GB every hour. Each member of this category can use about 1.8 GB per hour.

Video Frenzy: if you broadcast different audio and videos from different sources. The use will depend on the quality and you can spend about 3.5 GB per hour.

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