The best time to purchase barstools

Whether you are planning to redesign a room with a counter and barstools or just need to replace the ones you already have, there is definitely a few times of the year when you will find them very cheap. Although it is true that furniture stores, both online and locally owned, hold sales around the same times of the year. However, the types of furniture with the highest discounts is based on the sale event theme.

Here are the best opportunities to find inexpensive barstools online.

January and July clearance sales

Ecommerce is ever-evolving, and most online furniture stores are more than happy to provide additional discounts to compete with local furniture stores. For this reason, online stores are more likely to offer clearance section year-round.

For locally-owned furniture stores without large inventories, all outdated items must go when the new furniture collections hit the market. This usually happens in February and August, so you’ll see the biggest clearance discounts during January and July. This is true of all home furniture.

Father’s Day sales

Father’s Day sales are pretty common in the retail furniture industry, but you’ll only find items of interest to dads during these sales. Lucky for you, barstools are usually counted among the sale items, thanks to their frequent use in studies, dens, rec rooms, and man caves. Even if you can’t find them on sale, purchase bar stools for the perfect Father’s Day gift.

August back to school furniture sales

Back-to-school furniture sales usually cover a lot more than just your basic dorm supplies and furnishings. Instead, furniture sales around this time also push home furniture for redesigning the bedrooms of those college or workforce-bound young adults. Again, that definitely includes barstools and other furniture for entertaining.

Labor Day (September) weekend furniture sales

You are always guaranteed to find great deals in every retail market during the Labor Day weekend, but furniture for entertaining and backyard entertainment are the most likely to be on sale. With the holidays around the corner, this is a great time to buy items like barstools. Kitchen remodels are also most popular around October to early November, and those interior designs will need barstools for counters and islands.

Black Friday weekend furniture sales

It is often said that the fact Thanksgiving is celebrated the day before the biggest shopping day of the year is more than a bit ironic, but it still remains true today. The only difference between now and the beginnings of the Black Friday retail sale tradition is that Black Friday sales are more prevalent online, offer more deals and give huge discounts on larger orders.

Buy barstools online with financing

If you don’t want to wait for the right sale or season to buy your barstools, you can get them anytime by going to a furniture store that offers its own financing, or that works with a financing partner. Nearly every furniture store, both online and brick and mortar furniture stores, now offers financing plans with very easy-to-meet terms, although there may be a minimum purchase amount required.

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