The Oscar Winner of 2010

This year’s Academy Awards hosted “Fun Night of Shining Stars.”

Among last night’s winners is Sandra Bullet for her role in “The Blind Side.”
Unsurprisingly, Jeff Bridges won the award for Best Actor for “Mad Heart,” which won “Mad Heart” in music (the original song). Music and lyrics: Ryan Bigham, T. Bone Burnett.

“Best Film, Hurt Locker” received five more awards: sound editing, mixing sound, editing and writing the film (original screenplay) and directing.
The animated film was Pete Docter’s Up, in which the music (the original score) was also played by Michael Giacchino.

The supporting actress won an Academy Award for her role in Precious, and another for her supporting role in Inglourious Basterds.

The Avatar nominee for best film received three awards: art directing, cinematography and visual effects.
“Precious” won the writer’s award (original screenplay)

The short films were awarded to Joachim Beck and Titiv Magnussim, and the short film “Lagorama” by Nicolas Schmerkin won the short film.”

The costume design was created by Sandy Powell for the ‘Young Victoria’ makeup award, awarded to Star Trek, Barney Berman, Mindy Hall and Joel Harlow, a foreign language film, (Argentina), “The Secret in Their Eyes” (El Secreto, de, sus Ojos’) Juan Jose Campenella, won.

The documentary was directed by The Cove, Louis Psychoios and Fisher Stevens. The winner of the short documentary was Roger Ross Williams and Eleanor Burkett’s “Music for Prudence.”

We can have one or go to an Oscar party.

That night, when I attended the Academy Awards at the Delray Beach Film Festival, where many talented and interesting people were doing the same, at The Blue Fish restaurant, I was able to see the winners on the big screen. The dresses of those present were more like the Oscars. The original dress is more beautiful than the other. I had a good time.

It reminded me of another event that I had attended a few evenings earlier at the Lakeworth Playhouse. The VIP party for Agatha Christie’s mysterious murder of Mousetrap went better than I expected.

Over the past few days I have attended several artistic evenings and they have all been magnificent. That was no exception.

After eating delicious food, I was lucky enough to meet some talented actors who helped create this funny and entertaining puzzle. If it were the Oscars themselves, I’d vote for a few. The performances at the Lakeworth Playhouse have always been a delight, the building itself, one of the oldest in the history of the Art Deco society in Palm Beach, Florida, is itself a work of art. Maybe next year we’ll have the next Oscar party.

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