Toddlers may be getting hooked on sugar in snacks

As soon as it’s time to finish breastfeeding, moms have one more thing to worry about – providing a good diet for their baby. 

As it happens, it is the sweet taste that is more pleasant for kids. Some manufacturers take advantage of their weaknesses. They intentionally sweeten baby food, which is not always good for health. Let’s find out why excessive sugar consumption is contraindicated for babies and how to feed them tasty and healthy food.

Is sugar really bad for babies?

We have all heard about bad sugar and the need to limit its amount in baby foods. But why exactly is it so bad for the growing body? 

Sugar is a simple carbohydrate that is the main source of energy that a child needs for active growth, development, and learning. It is proven that carbohydrates are essential material for synthesizing enzymes and hormones. They are “food” for the brain and stimulate mental activity.

There is no denying that carbohydrates are vital for babies. Their deficiency is undoubtedly fraught with metabolic disorders and is especially dangerous under stress or in the case of infectious diseases. But does this mean that sugar is an absolute good and should not be restricted?

Sugar comes to our table in the form of fruit and honey, corn syrup and barley malt, sucrose, and dextrose. Sugar can be found not only in jam and candy but also in ketchup, peanut butter, cheese, and even in meat products. While the glucose and fructose found in vegetables, fruits, and honey are easy to digest and beneficial to our metabolism, any form of added sugar is a cause of serious trouble.

The proven negative effects are obesity, allergies, and gastrointestinal tract disorders. It also destroys tooth enamel and is the main cause of cavities.

But do not completely eliminate sugar from a toddler’s diet because it is a great energy source needed for growth and development. The daily rate of sugar may be given to the baby in fructose, including fruit, cookies, baby food puree, etc. Nowadays, many baby snacks from different brands do not add sugar or other sweeteners.

The best sugar-free baby snacks

Baby purees

They are distinguished not only by their convenient format but also by the large selection. An excellent idea for a baby’s snack offered by Organic’s Best is Holle fruit puree in compact pouches. This type of packaging retains all the nutrients and allows you to take your favorite treats with you during a walk or long journeys. By the way, the purees are made without sweetening with concentrated juice. They contain only organic fruit without dyes or preservatives.


It is also very convenient to give to the baby as a snack. Cookies contain all the same healthy grains, vitamins, and minerals. There are healthy cookies with added fruits and vegetable snacks.

Still, kids  like various bars, natural marmalade, and sugar-free marshmallows. The main thing is to pay attention to the age at which the child can be given such products.

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