Transitioning From Halo Reach to Halo 4, Campaign and Spartan Ops

  1. Proteans: About half of the campaign you are fighting against the Proteans, not against the union. While prometheus kraulers and sentry are relatively easy to kill, protean knights are the biggest problem for any Halo 4 infantry. Not only do knights have much higher shield abilities than the elite, but you don’t either. Usually you don’t have access to the plasma gun during the battle with them, so they have to be killed by pure damage. That’s why you need to change your style of play and equipment, fighting with the Proteans.
  2. Big Heads: All Halo 4 alliances have far more heads than their Halo Reach counterparts. This makes shooting even easier.
  3. Reduced Alliance Army: Halo 4 no longer has animals, skirmishers, or thunderbirds fighting for the alliance. Only elites, infantrymen and jackals remained, which makes it easier to fight the alliance.
  4. Prothean weapons: a new set of weapons will accompany the new Protean Infantry. Most of these weapons have very similar unconsced counterparts, so they don’t change your style of play much. They can quickly replace your starting weapon when it becomes weak.
  5. Health Recovery: As in Halo 3, your health is restored in Halo 4. This means that you no longer need to monitor the first aid kits and you can safely take a little damage after you’ve lost your health.
  6. Reducing plasma energy: Almost all plasma weapons in Halo 4 consume significantly more energy than their Halo Reach counterparts. The plasma pistol is one of the weapons most affected by this change; single and overloaded images consume much more energy. Save energy by charging the plasma gun as little as possible before firing. Even if you do, you’ll have to trade a new plasma gun more often in Halo 4 than in Halo Reach.
  1. Sprint: Sprint is no longer considered to be the ability to armor in Halo 4; You can always sprint by clicking the right joystick, no matter what armor you have. This allows you to use any armor abilities that you have without reducing your mobility.
  2. New Armor Abilities: Although some of Halo Reach’s armor abilities have already entered the campaign, most armor abilities are new. Some of my favorites are Promethean View and Auto Feed.
  3. More ammunition: There are still many boxes of ammunition scattered throughout the Halo 4 campaign, which are enough to ensure that the Ammunition for Head Pistol never ends. While you can’t always use your favorite weapon for a shot in the head, you can still access at least one of them, even if you miss a lot.
  4. More powerful technique: Covenant and UNSC techniques in Halo 4 are much better than their Halo Reach counterparts. In particular, Wraith is much more dangerous because the elite always uses a plasma dome, and the plasma ball is much more powerful and accurate. In general, you should always knock the alliance vehicles out of the plasma cannon to revive or destroy them.
  5. No points: There is no more way to activate the score in the campaign menu, so your HUD doesn’t have a comfortable number every time you kill an enemy. That’s why we have to be a little more careful. When I first started playing, it affected me a lot, but after a couple of missions I barely noticed the difference. When you use Promethean Sight, the problem is completely removed because the color of the enemies you’re killing changes instantly from red to blue.
  6. Less coverage: I think that in most of the Halo 4 campaign the coverage is a little less than in Halo Reach. The difference is insignificant, but I often find myself in a situation without good lighting.


In any situation, you should always carry a gun with a shot to the head. This will allow you to instantly kill most of the infantry in the game and also help you fight the audience. However, you need to change your secondary weapons depending on the enemies you are fighting. While battling the Alliance, you should always use a plasma pistol as an additional weapon to shoot elite shields and stun vehicles (as in Halo Reach).

This tactic also works to remove shields from the Prometheus Knights, but since only the Covenant uses plasma cannons, you often won’t be able to access a plasma gun during a battle with promethess. Instead, you will need to use a prometheus weapon that does as much damage as possible to kill knights, such as a fire gun, a double rifle or a silencer. If possible, you can also use a rail pistol, saw or needle device.


Grumbling: Shots to the head is by far the easiest way to kill grunts. Unlike Halo Reach, there’s no more echo growl, so you can turn off all growls on a whim.

Jackal: If the jackal doesn’t hide behind his shield, just kill him in the head. Otherwise, you will shoot him once in the hand, dropping his shield and easily shooting you in the head.

Elites: Overload your plasma gun and shoot it into the elite to take down their shields. Then switch to a weapon for a shot in the head and finish it with a shot to the head.

Hunters: Unlike another Covenant, you need pure damage to kill the Hunters. Fortunately, you can access any rocket launcher, grenade launcher or vehicle in every battle of the hunters in the game. With this weapon you can do a lot of damage, so keep shooting the hunters at the bodies until they die.

Sliders: Sliders have more health and do more damage than growls, but you can still kill them with one shot to the head. They also have a bigger head than a growl, so make sure you aim well. ‘

Observers: Although the Observers cannot do much damage, they can cause sliders, protect knights with sturdy light shields, and bring the dead knights back to life. Because of their defensive abilities you should always kill the guards nearby before attacking the knights. Unfortunately, the Spotters don’t have heads, but you can kill them with 3-5 head shots. Be sure to aim at the center of the viewer, as you will cause more damage.

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