Ways To Improve The Appearance of a Ragdoll Cat

Many people believe that looking good leads to feeling good. The same may not be accurate for cats. However, that does not mean they shouldn’t look good, does it?

This cat breed is generally a good-looking breed. Their long fluffy fur, blue eyes, and big bodies will often leave you instantly drooling.  However, your cat’s appearance may not always be all that good.

Or maybe you are looking to add on to the existing incredible physique. You can achieve that through seemingly inexpensive and straightforward ways. Here are a few things to get you going.

  1. Think health

Excellent health almost always results in a great physical appearance for both humans and felines alike. Keeping your ragdoll cat in peak performance health-wise might be what gets it to look exactly how you want.  Some of the keys to great health include:

  • Proper nutrition

Offer your pet enough food. While dry foods are more convenient when it comes to ragdoll cats, the wetter, the better.

As such, canned foods and raw unprocessed meats work best. Always ensure there is an adequate supply of freshwater to it as well. In addition, remember not to give milk as it cannot digest lactose.

These felines have a sensitive digestive system; therefore, give it warm or room temperature foods, not chilled.

  • Enough exercise

Engaging the animal in physical activity helps to avoid incidences of obesity. And the good part? Only 20 minutes of exercise every day are enough.

To do this, you can involve the animal in different types of play, such as fetch. A ragdoll’s first instinct is to walk at its owner’s feet; taking a stroll inside the house is also a great way to trick your cat into exercising.

  • Regular medical check-up

Visits to the vet are essential for the excellent health of any animal. Here, you can get advice on general care.

In addition, your cat receives vaccination against preventable diseases, prescriptions for essential vitamins and mineral supplements, and extra grooming care.

Also, the vet can quickly address any health issues during routine visits. See this link for a comprehensive guide about ragdolls https://www.thehappycatsite.com/ragdoll-cats/

  1. Accessorizing

Accessories make everything better, even cats. Have you ever been walking around and spotted an animal with a great collar? Such simple, often subtle additions have a way of making something look instantly better.

To ensure that accessories compliment your pet’s appearance, you need to choose those that match its fur and eye color, are of good quality, and the correct size.

There are thousands of options depending on how open and creative you are. Some of the accessories you could use on your ragdoll include:

  • Collars

Collars are by far the most popular accessories for felines. They come in a variety of colors, designs, and sizes.

Some of the designs you may find include reflective ones, leather, and with or without a bell. A great collar for a ragdoll should be slightly thick.

Also, ensure that the surface is smooth to avoid fur damage. It would be best if you don’t fit it too tightly to prevent the likelihood of choking.

  • Bows

Bow accessories are for bold cat lovers. They are mostly placed at the top of the head. More often than not, they come in bright, mostly glittery colors. Bows add a touch of fashion and sophistication to the already outstanding cat ears. They are primarily soft plastic material.

  • Cat sweaters

Sweaters are an essential clothing item for humans but for cats; they are an outstanding accessory. Your furry pet is already so cuddly and adorable.

Imagine how much more it would be with a cute sweater piece. However, it would help if you exercised a lot of caution with sweaters for ragdolls. That is important because they are naturally very furry.

As such, their temperatures are usually well regulated. Adding a sweater that is too heavy may make your cat too warm and cause agitation. To avoid this, pick out sweaters with lighter material.

  • Costumes

You could try experimenting with different clothing pieces for different occasions. For example, you may create a thematic outfit for Halloween or even Christmas.

  1. Grooming

Think of it this way, you look so much better after you get a new haircut or get your hair or even your nails done. The same applies to ragdolls. The best part of the appearance improving aspects of grooming is that the results are instantaneous. Here are some simple but effective grooming tips:

  • Brushing the fur. Ragdolls are naturally very furry. To effectively groom it, you would need a sizable soft grooming brush.
  • The animals naturally clean themselves using their tongue. As such, you will only need to clean them occasionally-say once every few months- or in instances when they’re filthy. For this, you would need lukewarm water and gentle shampoo.
  • Trimming nails. It is recommended to clip off your cat’s claws every two weeks. To do this, ensure it is comfortable with the sight and sound of clippers. Once settled, trim the white part of the claw. Avoid cutting the quick as it is sensitive, and cutting it causes pain. In case trimming nails is difficult for you, it would be best if you visit a groomer.
  • Other grooming tips are cleaning the ears to get rid of excess wax and brushing using a toothbrush, cotton swabs, and toothpaste for felines. Click here to see a few tips on how you can keep your cat happy.


Ragdoll cats are incredible indoor animals. When properly taken care of, they can bring so much joy to their owners. Keeping them happy is equally easy and satisfying. Why not add to the fun and happiness by keeping them looking great with their health, grooming, and accessories?

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