What is the drug rehabilitation process

When an addict enrolls in Drug Detox Austin treatment, they need to go through the drug rehabilitation process. The rehabilitation process involves certain phases that help an individual in successfully transitioning from the addiction to a sober and healthy life. During the treatment, it is important that the rehabilitation steps must be properly addressed.

The four stages of addiction recovery are:

  • Assessment.

Assessment of addiction is the most critical part of the rehabilitation process. People addicted to drugs are usually secretive, at this stage is all about gaining the trust of an addict and breaking through their secreted nature. It is important to identify the substance that the person was using, and collect the medical records so that a customized treatment plan is made to deal with underline physical and mental health issues.

  • Detoxification.

For the complete recovery from the drug or alcohol addiction, a person needs to get rid of toxic substances from their body. The process of removing the toxic substance from the body is known as detoxification. During detoxification, it is common for a person to experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Doing detoxification on your own can be dangerous and even life-threatening, therefore, you must consult the professionals at Drug Detox Austin TX to get enrolled in the medically supervised detoxification program. The professionals will help to overcome the addiction and manage the withdrawal symptoms effectively.

  • Rehab.

Rehab is another crucial part of the addiction treatment program. At this phase, the underlying issues are addressed. This is accomplished in the following ways.

  1. Group discussion and individual counseling sessions; for the recovery from trauma, triggers, withdrawals, and Insight into addiction
  2. Recreational therapy and medication management.
  3. Family therapy.
  4. Aftercare, sober living Austin, and discharge planning.
  5. Healthy living and nutrition; include regular exercise, diet, and social activities.
  • Aftercare

Despite the length or intensity of the Drug Rehab Austin treatment program, everyone needs aftercare for the afterward recovery. Many people think that it is fine to do drugs or alcohol once in a while after the Rehab treatment, as everything will be under control; but this is a myth. If you start using drugs or alcohol again, you will quickly end up becoming addicted again.

Therefore, a person needs aftercare, or we say urgent care, after completing the addiction treatment program. There can be weekly Rehab after-care programs, or addicts can stay in the sober living Austin facility until they become sure that they can return back to their normal life without getting influenced again by external sources. Sober living is an effective approach to aftercare when a person gets discharged from the Rehab facility. The family or an individual discusses the aftercare plan options with their counselor once the treatment ends.

So, these are the four stages of the rehabilitation process that a person needs to go through to successfully complete the Rehab treatment. Along with the medical help, it is important to have a strong dedication and commitment to stay sober for a lifetime. If you need help to quit drugs or alcohol, contact Rehab today, and discover the best treatment options available for you.

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