Why are Co-Curricular Activities Important?

Most of the students spend their time learning or reading textual books. Students are becoming couch potatoes. That is why there is a high need to engage your child in co-curricular activities. Most online teaching apps provide only bookish knowledge, and teachers who teach online ignore co-curricular activities. Researches have shown that co-curricular activities are essential to avoid mental health issues in the severe condition. Today, we will learn that co-curricular activities are important and some of the co-curricular activities that parents can try with their children at their homes.

How do Co-curricular Activities Help Students?

Co-curricular activities are highly beneficial for students. Let us look at how?

Generate Awareness

When kids perform multiple physical activities or co-curricular activities, they get physical awareness. The activities such as athletics, sports, and other games have been postponed due to coronavirus. When students perform these activities inside their homes, they get physically active, and their minds become healthy. Online teachers can also take various quizzes, debates, music, and art activities by using online teaching apps. Although everything is not possible, we can do most things on video calls and online platforms. Kids can also perform various theatre and drama activities to keep their minds active.

Only Bookish Knowledge is Not Enough

Success in academics is required, and most online teachers praise the students who get good marks in academics. However, success in co-curricular activities also plays an essential role in establishing new knowledge and skills in children. Children also learn new activities beyond academics. These are all the co-curricular activities that are required, and every student must try to score better in co-curricular activities. Participation of every student should be a must in all co-curricular activities.

Increases Problem-Solving Skills and Social Skills

Students who perform co-curricular activities have better problem-solving skills and social skills. Whether it is an online class, students try to adapt problem-solving skills and social skills. When students work in group activities, they gain social skills. And when they are working in any co-curricular activities together, they develop the skills to solve many problems. Therefore, one can say co-curricular activities are significant for students.

These are some of the benefits of co-curricular activities. In addition, students who perform co-curricular activities have better skills and more knowledge.

Know About Different co-curricular Activities

Some activities involve learning with fun. Here are some co-curricular activities which children can try at their homes.

Wordcraft Sticks

Craft sticks are readily available in the market. You can get them to do this activity. Also, you can paint the leftover ice cream sticks to form your craft sticks. In this activity, your children will learn to develop numerous words. You can paste the craft sticks one after the other. Next, you can tell your child to write rhyming words one after the other with the help of a marker on the posts. And you will realize that your toddler has written so many new words, and most of them will be rhyming. By playing this fun activity, children will learn new words. Moreover, this game is referred to as wordcraft sticks, and most children like it.

Sidewalk Chalk Letters

It is another exciting game in which the brain and bodywork at the same time. By this activity, you can help your toddler to spell different words. Unknowingly they will learn plenty of spelling, and their vocabulary will get stronger. You can play this game on your roof or in a garden. First, you need to draw a big box with six into six grids. The complete package should have 36 spaces inside it. Now you can write different letters in a puzzled way. Now tell your child to find other words and make some new words. Your child will be more excited when they know that they can jump on the letter to spell them. You can also create other variations such as:

  1.  Telling them to jump on the vowels and consonants.
  2. ¬† Use ABC to spell your child’s name.
  3. Use words to spell the names of their family and friends.

These are some of the exciting variations which year child will love to play. Unknowingly they will learn so many new words and their spellings. This activity is among the leading co-curricular activities for kids. You can engage your child in learning with the help of this small activity.


Co-curricular activities are essential to make classes more attractive during the coronavirus. Moreover, in the current situation, everything is online. The students need these activities to create a vacuum in their minds. Furthermore, every teacher must do healthy interaction in class. In addition, they arrange various group projects to increase the involvement of students.

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