Best Places in Canada to Buy a Vacation Home

Long gone are the days when vacation homes only mean homes on beaches.  Instead, many have their eyes on Canada’s beautiful mountains and views and everything it has to offer visitors.

If you want a slice of paradise: here are the top Canadian cities you’ll find it in!

Niagara, Ontario

Niagara Falls is the most famous waterfall globally, so it’s no surprise that it’s on the top of the list!  Getting a vacation to Niagara Falls means you get to visit the falls once or twice, but buying a nearby vacation home means that you can visit as many times as you want.

This is an awesome place to take in the large range of differences that seasons in Canada can bring and gives homeowners the chance to own a vacation home that can easily be driven to by many northern Americans.

Banff, Alberta

Banff is another city that rides the border between Canada and America, but this city doesn’t just have waterfalls to offer!  Banff is one of the top skiing and snowboarding destinations globally and is Canada’s oldest national park.

When the snow melts away, this beautiful area is full of lush greenery that’s fantastic for everything from hiking to kayaking and camping.  Looking at Banff homes for sale as vacation home options gives you the chance to picture visits where you enjoy as much of the outdoors as you want: who could ask for more?

Victoria, BC

This cute little city is full of surprises.  Although it gives off the vibes of a small art town, it’s a vibrant and busy shoreside city that offers one of the best economies in the country. The winters here are mild, with temperatures rarely dropping below freezing, and it is just a three-hour ferry ride away from Seattle, so you can ride over any time you want to visit a truly large city.

Victoria is full of gorgeous views in every direction, wonderful locals, and one of the most thriving art scenes in the entire world.  It’s worth visiting again and again!

Mont-Tremblant, QC

If you speak French or want to vacation in an area that will give you the chance to learn a new language while enjoying skiing and snowboarding, Mont-Tremblant is the place to go.  This Quebec city has year-round skiing, gorgeous lake views, golf courses, and even cute shopping opportunities for anyone who needs a little retail therapy.

The winters here can be icy and harsh, but this cold allows for the best skiing on this side of the country.  Every inch of this area feels like an untouched natural paradise: and makes it an awesome vacation destination.

Canadian Vacation Homes are Paradise

Vacations are when we want to slip away from our lives and steal a taste of paradise: so why not go all in?  Vacationing in Canada gives you the chance to enjoy gorgeous surroundings, deep culture, and some of the best fun you can find; all you have to do is choose your location!

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