Boku No Pico 2021 Detailed guide to all the characters, episodes, and storyline

It is an anime series based on a series originally focused on adults. The title of the series simply translates to my Pico. Bogu no pico seeks to appeal primarily to male audiences. Natural High creates this popular series.

Boku no pico- Overview and Introduction

The Japanese animation series Boku no Pico was initially based on adult television series. Several awards have been won for this series. The Japanese animation series Boku no Pico was initially based on adult television series. Several awards have been won for this series. Several awards have been won for the Japanese animation series Boku no Pico, which means my picture in Japanese. It is based on adult television shows. The anime series is a Japanese original that is aimed at adults only. Boku no pico’s primary objective is to appeal to men. Natural High created this acclaimed series. This is the first anime series to be described as a shotacon. It consists of three episodes. In the first episode, the content has been edited, in the second you see a manga one-shot, and in the third you see a computer game and a music album.

Boku no pico genre about

The creator of this series is Seiji Kaneko. Anime series as well as other competitions have awarded Boku no pico many awards due to the excellent plot summary. This is Katsuhiko Takayama, the author of this story. Ashimagi Ora composed the music. This is the name of the studio. Release date for this famous series is September 7, 2006. A total of 33 minutes is the running time for this movie.

Next episode focuses on characters and briefly discusses video animation

Here is a bit about its second episode, which also went very well on screen. We all know that the first episode of this anime series broke all anime industry records, and it is only for adults. The censored content and storyline of this series makes it unsuitable for children and young adults.

Although this entire episode has strict restrictions on the type of content and the type of viewing it allows. The director and team of this movie series aren’t allowed to interact with parents and this movie is prohibited for children under 18 years of age. The director of the second episode is also Katsuyoshi Yatabe, and the producer is Seiji Kaneko. Kazuhiko Takayama writes the episode’s story. The music of the second episode was composed by Shinobi. And the studio’s name is Natural High.

Video description for the 3rd episode

The producer is Seiji Kaneko. From the pen of the writer is Katsuhiko Takayama, who wrote the story. The writer of the series has gained a great deal of popularity.

Ashiragi Ora composes the episode’s music. There is no movie release date for this movie, but it will be released on the 11th of November in 2007. There are 30 minutes of running time in the third episode.

This is the fourth episode of the series.

We will cover all the details of this adult anime series in this article. The director and the producer are the same as those mentioned above. This movie is directed by Katsuyoshi Yatabe. Seiji Kaneko is the producer.

There are two T2 musicians in the band that supplies the music and the studio is called Natural high. We will release Episode 4 on October 9th, 2008, so mark your calendars. Only 35 minutes were devoted to this movie.

Here are a few rumors about the movie Boku no pico

In the Boku no pico, only adults watch hours and adult content is taken into account. This anime series has an exclusively male audience. Other people do not care about the movie series and spread rumors about it. Because of its pornography and sexual content, this series gains so much criticism. A writer of this series of films hopes to appeal to male audiences who are attracted to the same gender rather than the opposite gender. It has been claimed that people don’t watch these kinds of films.

A video such as this one became a viral phenomenon in 2010. There are a lot of films based on Boku no pico playing on media screens around the country. Unfortunately, none can make as much of an impact as this movie. An imitation of the film Lucifer’s Soul was released in the market.

These are some of the most famous characters from Boku no pico

Moreover, we are trying to summarize all the details and the characters of this movie in this article, with regards to the movie Boku no pico. The following are the facts associated with the famous characters of the movie Boku no Pico. Saigado designed all the related and famous characters in the movie Boku no pico.


The film’s protagonist is Pico. The film’s hero is Pico. The film’s protagonist is Pico. The film’s hero is Pico. In Japanese, pico is writing like Piko. Pico is the film’s protagonist. Sakou is a voice-over artist.

It is a movie with a very handsome young hero. There is blonde hair on him. As a part-time employee at his grandfather’s bar, he works there. This is the summertime when he’s there. Many times in the film, Piko is swimming. He enjoys swimming a lot. Usually, when he is in the swimming pool, he is naked, but he often wears a blue speedo. His favorite costumes are those worn by girls. He also has an attraction to women. His friend is Tamotsu.


The Mokkun is also known as the Tamotsu. As well as his status as a white-collar worker at a bar, he is also well known as an employee at Bebe. The last thing I need is to seduce him. But he knows how to treat a pretty girl. After some time, Tamotsu discovers that pico is in fact a boy and not a girl. His next purchase for Pico is a beautiful lady’s dress. In the past, he has gotten ruby chokers and pants for himself.


This movie series focuses on an older character named Ojiisan. A bar owner, he is the grandfather of the main character. Despite having a large bar, he rarely takes guests to it. There’s no one there. He doesn’t attract the attention of the general public. The beach bar he runs has the name Bebe. As soon as Tamotsu visits his bar during the summer, I make him wait tables. I make him wear a pink skirt as well. They are both advised to spend some time together by the grandfather as well. Tamotsu was introduced to pico by his grandfather.


Chico is a brunette boy who lives with his sister. The forest is where he lives, and he has a large house in the secluded mountains. His timidity and his age make him seem younger than Pico. His timidity and his age make him seem younger than Pico. Due to his timidity and age, he appears younger than Pico. He is also developing his feelings and emotions for Pico.


Affair with anyone is not part of her life. The woman lives alone. When she is frustrated, she masturbate regularly. The ceiling in her room is cracked, but she is unaware of this. Chico, her brother, and his friend are watching her from the damage to the roof.


Alternatively known as the Koko, the Coco is a tropical fruit. Boku no pico also features a charming and shy character named Coco. This man looks like he is a feminist and has the appearance of a girl. Boku no pico’s third episode shows him meeting pico and chico. Typically, city fairies are called coco.

Boku no pico original video animations (OVAs)

This anime movie, known as Boku no Pico, is a story and an illustration that is primarily geared towards adult males. For women, there are no attractions. This movie is enjoyable by both sexes, however. This movie consists of three main and important parts, all of which can be viewed on the internet. Katsuyoshi Yatabe directed all three pieces, and the production house was Natural High.

In the first episode of Boku no Pico, the plot is as follows

This story revolves around a boy who loves dressing and looking like a girl. As a waiter during the summer season, he works at his grandfather’s café and bar. In addition, he loves wearing female clothing. As he hopes and wants to meet a lot of new friends, he meets Tamotsu, his lifelong friend.

Mokkun is a nickname he is known by. The mokkun seduces him, treats him like a girl, and even gives him some female outfits. The mokkun seduces him, treats him like a girl, and even gives him some female outfits. Pico wants to know your thoughts about him, and the mokkun seduces him, treats him like a girl, and even gives him female outfits. Your words don’t describe him at all. When pico runs away from mokku’s house, he cuts off his hair. Pico could not be found later on by mokku.

A description of the plot of Episode 2 of Boku no Pico

Chico, a shy boy significantly younger than pico, walks into the café and bar of his grandfather one day. Their sexual activities soon began after they became fast friends. Chico and Pico often visit each other’s homes and watch each other’s sisters. The elder sister of Chico regularly masturbates. The elder sister of Chico regularly masturbates. As Chico’s older sister regularly masturbates, Pico told Chico that boys can also do this. Since then, they have started having sex.

Final Verdicts

Boku no Pico is a bestselling anime illustration that is created in Japan, the country of anime. The movie series is not suitable for children under 18 years of age.

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