Earrings Guide According to Your Face Shape

Ever wondered why a particular pair of earrings look good on your friend but not on you? Well, it is because your friend picked an earring that complemented her face shape. One of the most common mistakes people make while shopping for gold tops earrings, or any other earring type is overlooking one’s face shape and features while buying an earring.  If you want to avoid this grave mistake and ensure you pick a pair of earrings that best complement your facial features, then this guide is for you. We’ve covered all common face shapes and the type of earrings that go well with them. Let’s take a quick, brief look at each point shared below.

Rectangular Shape

Women with a rectangular face shape should look for an earring that gives a fuller effect to their narrow face shape. If you have a rectangular face shape, look for beautiful stud earrings, as they’ll complement your facial features like no other. Studs can be simple and elegant, ideal for both regular wear and special events. They are available in a range of stylish options, so take a pick wisely.

Square Shape

A square-shaped face is characterized by a jawline and cheekbones of the same width, so going ahead with simple earring options will be better. You can buy beautiful gold earrings in a hoop style, as they’re versatile, classic, and ideal for a face with a square shape.  Hoop earrings made using 14k sterling silver and diamond can also be considered. As they’re available in small and large sizes, pick a size you’re comfortable wearing.    

Oval Shape

The best part of having an oval-shaped face is you can wear any type of earring you want. From drops & dangles to studs, hoops to halo earrings- the range of options is massive for you. So you can experiment and see which earring types go best with specific ensembles or attires, and crate your look book accordingly.

Round Shape

As a round-shaped face has its widest point between the cheeks, you should look for earrings that don’t feature circles. A round-shaped face doesn’t taper towards the chin, so prefer something like dangle earrings as it perfectly balances the face’s broader point aspect. Drop and dangle earrings are available in various lengths, looks, metals, and gemstones, so take your time exploring the available options, and buy the one that best suits your personality and accentuates your facial features.

Heart Shape

Is your face dominated by a narrow chin and wide forehead? If yes, you have a heart-shaped face. Women with heart-shaped faces should wear earrings that highlight the cheekbones. One such earring type that best does the job is drop & dangle earrings. You can find these in varying lengths, gemstones, metals, etc., so get the one that best suits your face.

Diamond Shape

A diamond face shape is one with excellent cheekbones, a narrow forehead, and chin. They are also a bit longer compared to other face shapes. The earrings that look best on diamond-shaped faces are sleek dangle earrings without any sharp angle. You can find such earrings easily in any top jewelry store.

Now that you have a rational idea of what earrings to purchase for your face shape, get a stunning pair of earrings today.

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