Who can use Non-Methylated Multivitamins?

As some studies prove that Vitamin B12 is essential for running various processes in our body and to keep these functions going and maintaining our health for this purpose, doctors suggest taking Vitamin B12 supplements daily. These supplements contain methylated nutrients, and some individuals are sensitive to them. For people like these who are highly sensitive to Vitamin B12 supplements, alternatives are available which non-methylated vitamin supplements are.

Methylated VS Non-Methylated Vitamins

Comparative concepts of these two are becoming popular day by day since the release of active forms of B12 Vitamin in supplements. They are pretty helpful for those needing additional methylation support for a sluggish folate pathway, MTHFR gene variations, high homocysteine, and other methylation issues.

Methylated nutrients are known to be the body’s “methyl donors,” or nutrients that hold and transfer methyl groups from one compound to another. This process is called methylation, which is essential for the proper functioning of the body.

Adverseeffects of Methylated Multivitamin

The reaction of some people to methylated nutrients is relatively poor. If someone shows side effects after taking anything with Vitamin B, they may be sensitive to these methylated nutrients.

People who are sensitive to methylated nutrients may suffer the following adverse effects:

  • Nervousness
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Headaches

If you are sure that your symptoms are entirely related to methylated nutrients, you may be a perfect candidate for a “methyl-free” alternative or non-methylated vitamins.

Non-Methylated Nutrients & Methylation

As discussed earlier, methylation is essential to process for proper functioning of the body, and you must wonder whether methyl-free nutrients still support methylation and MTHFR gene mutations.

The answer is yes. Even though methylation runs with the methyl group attached to the compound, methylation also occurs with methyl-free Vitamins. Methyl-free versions are great bioactive alternatives to methylated nutrients. This is because they rely on your body to turn them into the “active” forms, which are thought to be self-regulating.

The bioactive species like enzymes are present in your body that transform non-active forms of vitamins into functional form so they contribute in your body.

Many individuals love to couple these B12- and folate-free options with our Active B12, L-5-MTHF and Folinic Acid for independent and customized dosing of these critical nutrients.

Who can take Non-Methylated Multivitamin?

  • People who are sensitive to methylated nutrients.
  • People who show adverse effects like rapid heart rate, nervousness, and severe headache while taking methylated vitamins.
  • People with weak methylation processes are highly prone to these methylated nutrient alternatives.
  • Though methylfolate is essential for methylation, it is not the only option for supporting methylation and your MTHFR gene. Folinic acid (a non-methylated form of folate) and hydroxocobalamin or adenosylcobalamin B12 (non-methylated forms of vitamin B12) are excellent bioactive alternatives that can support your methylation pathway.
  • These methyl-free alternatives might be the best option for individuals whose bodies do not tolerate methyl group.


The process of methylation is essential for normal body functioning, run by methyl groups attached to the nutrients. Though some people show adverse reactions to this methylated nutrient and are advised to take Non-Methylated multi-vitamins. These alternatives might be the best route for compassionate individuals to methylated nutrients.

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