9 Free Brain Games to Help Improve Brain Function

Memory loss is a common complaint among the elderly. Perceptual speed — our ability to respond quickly and accurately to simple stimuli — begins to decline as early as our twenties or thirties. Brain games range from traditional pen-and-paper Sudoku and crossword puzzles to specialized brain training apps. These games are used by people of all ages to improve mental functioning and prevent brain aging.

Although research indicates that the relationship between brain training games and improved cognitive function is complicated, brain training may help improve your memory, response time, and logic skills. If you want to work out your brain while having fun, try these free brain games. They may allow you to improve your brain function and fitness.

  • Tri-Peaks Solitaire

One of the free brain games to improve brain functions is Tri-Peaks Solitaire. This fast-paced solitaire brain game will have your mouse moving as quickly as your mind. The goal: Move cards in chronological order from three pyramids into your stack as quickly and efficiently as possible; points are awarded for both speed and the number of cards played in a row. If you get stuck, there is a pile where you can restart the game.

  • Sudoku

Sudoku is a short-term memory-based number placement game. This classic brain game with numbers never gets old. You will use the numbers 1 through 9 only once in each of the 3×3 regions, rows, and columns. To solve a Sudoku puzzle, you must look ahead and follow the consequences of your actions—if you put a 6 in this box, that one must be an 8 and this one a 4, and so on. This type of planning aids in the improvement of short-term memory and concentration. Search for a regular Sudoku puzzle in your newspaper, purchase a book containing a collection of puzzles, or download a free app for your phone or tablet. Sudoku puzzles come in a variety of levels of difficulty. When you’re first starting, stick to simple games until you’ve figured out the rules.

  • Text Twist 2

Text Twist 2 is the sequel to one of the most popular word games of all time, Text Twist. The popular word game has returned with a vengeance, and it wants you to solve the mystery words. There are five challenging game modes in this game. Lightning mode, Crossword mode, Untimed mode, Word of the Day mode, and Classic mode are the main modes. Text Twist 2 has a massive library of words, trophies, and fun facts. Your main goal is to make a word out of the letters you see at the bottom of your screen. Text Twist 2 will help you improve your skills and spelling, and you will be able to learn new words every day. This game is appropriate for anyone who has a thirst for knowledge, a thirst for self-realization, and a desire to learn new things and improve his ability to think faster.

  • Crossword Puzzles

Crossword puzzles are a classic brain trainer that accesses memory from many dimensions of knowledge as well as verbal language. Crossword puzzles can be completed in a variety of ways, both online and offline. A crossword puzzle is almost always included in a daily newspaper. Alternatively, purchase a book of crossword puzzles tailored to your skill level and interests.

  • Treasure Hunt

This simple nautical-themed brain game will put your memory to the test. Examine the objects in a virtual room on an abandoned pirate ship, and then try to spot the differences in an updated version of the room. Keep your eyes peeled: spotting gemstones hidden throughout the room will earn you bonus points. Games such as this can help your brain stay young, as can these other genius habits that your 80-year-old brain will thank you for doing today.

  • Entangled

This visual brain game, as the name implies, challenges you to “see” the correct looped pattern, which has been separated into individual tiles and mixed up. Your objective is to rotate the tiles until all of the loops are connected and there are no open ends. Choose your difficulty level, and then get to work on improving your attention and visual-spatial skills. There are six different level sets to choose from, but each one is unique. Each set contains 16 levels. As you progress through the levels of a set, the levels become more complex.

  • The Right Word

Empower your memory and expand your vocabulary with this increasingly difficult game in which you must determine which words correspond to the given definitions. This is not as easy as it sounds because even if the definition reminds you of a familiar word, you may not be able to recall it. Some of the words may also be unfamiliar to you. You have the option of selecting a version with or without a clue. This exercise involves retrieving words from your vocabulary.

  • Anagram Crossword

When a crossword puzzle meets a clever word scramble, you get this anagram crossword. Each clue is an anagram of the word you must create. This twist on a classic crossword puzzle tests your attention to detail and mental flexibility, which aids in the maintenance of your executive-functioning skills. The goal of making anagrams is to rearrange the letters in the subject word or phrase to form a different word or phrase, ideally one that is related to the subject in some way. An anagram is expected to use all of the letters found in the original word.

  • Lumosity

Lumosity is a well-known brain training and mental fitness program. You can sign up for a free account to perform three games per day, or you can subscribe for more options. In either case, you can keep track of your progress and results. Science backs Lumosity’s enjoyable brain training and mental fitness games, tests, and activities. You can play them on the website or by downloading the free iOS and Android apps. Lumosity Mind, a meditation and mindfulness app, is also available.


Card games, puzzles, and board games have been shown in studies to be good mental stimuli that promote brain health. This is especially true for the elderly. Games can help strengthen the immune system and encourage the use of imagery, memorization, and sequencing skills. Playing brain games can be immensely helpful.

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