How to collect our parcel from Fastway?

All of us know about the Fastway courier tracking company which provides our parcels at our door. But every second person is busy in their life with various tasks like jobs, housework, and many others. In that situation, many people can’t receive their parcels and it happened hundreds of times with our company.

After that, the company delivers your parcels to the nearest branch in your city or area. So, customers can receive their parcels from the branch. But keep in mind! The branch takes responsibility for your parcel for selected days only and you must collect your parcel on these days.

As well as that!

Customers can contact the company during the booking of their order so that they can receive their parcels from the branch of their company. Just select your nearest branch and submit your order. After that, you should go to the specific branch to get your parcels.

Also, a point that will impress you about that courier delivery company is that: Customer will also be informed through a notification that his parcel is received on the selected branch. After that, they will provide you a specific time at which you must collect your parcel.


No doubt, Company provides the customer’s parcel at his door with very cheap charges. But it depends on the customer if he wants to collect his parcel directly from the company’s office. So, if you want to collect your parcel directly from the Fastway franchise then follow the given method.

Just Go to the main office of the company and employees of the company are always ready to guide their customers for any problem. So, get in touch with any employee and give him the main prescription of your order. After that, they will require some additional questions for security. you have to give your ID number with the signature. This is very important for the record of the company. After all these instructions, all these instructions will provide you with your order that you can take away. Keep in mind! Responsibility for the security of your parcel will dismiss after that process and now you’re responsible for any type of damage with the parcel

How does the company inform us about the delivery of parcels at the branch?

Well, every customer has a tracking number about his parcel and he can trace their packages at any place or time. So, this is the first way to get the information about our parcels in which reallocation is also included. Also, you can set automatic tracking in which you can get the information of every second related to your parcel. Just get the service of notification from the company.

On the other hand, The second option is that when the parcel delivers at the main franchises that are located near to you. After some processes, the company will inform you via your contact number or G-mail that you’ve provided during the Order to the company. Keep in mind! The product which needs the specific temperature should be taken away very fast.

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