Tivo Premiere Elite XL4 Review

Using a digital DVR such as TiVo can save an average of 20 minutes per hour when viewing ads, and skipping ads is much faster on digital DVRs such as TiVos, which accelerate by 30 seconds. Four quick clicks or a hoot on TiVo, and usually with an ad block you’re done. If you make a quick jump for 1 or 2.7 seconds, you will achieve the goal. When you get used to it, it will be much easier than fast-forward. You can even save a lot more time with some programs such as sports or reality TV because not all scenes are needed. Do you really need to see what happens after a foul?

TiVo Premiere 4 is available in two models: 4 and XL4. 4 recordings of 74 hours of high definition (HD) or 650 normal hours. The XL4 records 300 hours of HD or 2,200 normal hours. Currently leading the TiVo lineup, the TiVo Premiere Elite XL4 is equipped with a THX-certified sound and fluorescent remote control that works perfectly in a dark room for more than 300 hours of HD. Both models record TV shows on 4 separate tuners, so you can record 4 programs at the same time. Although you don’t think you need to record four programs at a time, I do it several times a week, and I usually have to record 3 programs at a time every day. Especially with the 1-minute overspend, which some networks do to keep you on the channel.

TiVo Premiere also allows you to program over the Internet, iPad, iPhone or Android. They allow you to stream with Netflix, YouTube, Pandora and many others.

Additional costs required for TiVo include a cable card fee from your cable provider, $10 a month in my area, and a TiVo service fee of $13 to $20 per month. For TiVo, you can buy a lifetime package that used to be profitable, but now for $500 I wouldn’t recommend it because it’s a particular TiVo life time and you can’t pass it on to someone else.

I use TiVo with Series 1, which I bought in 1999, so I’m very familiar with this lineup. I am very pleased with my purchase of Premiere Elite XL4 and consider it the biggest jump since Series 2 with two tuners. I always bought a younger model of the new TiVo and updated the hard drive myself to save money, but because of the difference in price for this series I would just recommend buying the XL4 version supplied with the biggest hard drive. If you need more space to record, you can easily add it through the external eSATA drive.

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