Most women crazily crave Rapunzel like hair, but it definitely is not something that can be achieved easily. There are dozens of factors that contribute to hair growth.

So after plenty of research we are summing up a list of hacks or tips that definitely work in stimulating hair growth.

1.   Fix your eating habits:

Every time you sit down to eat just make sure you are consuming a well balanced diet. Even after eating well your hair doesn’t start showing improvement within a period of a month then see a Dermatologist in Model Town Lahore and seek their advice.

They may suggest blood tests to rule out any vitamin deficiencies and prescribe biotin pills and vitamin E supplements if all your other vitamin levels are fine.

2.   Massage your scalp:

Giving your scalp a nice massage daily is one of the prime factors that can contribute to stimulation for healthy hair growth.

Scalp massage will increase blood flow to your skull,  strengthen the roots and help nutrients in penetrating to your follicles faster.

It is not necessary to use an oil while massaging the scalp but if you use one, you will be able to reap the results faster.

3.   Limit styling tools and products:

Styling tools and products are the biggest enemies of your hair, they make your hair brittle and dry. And if you are on the lookout for ways to stimulate hair growth then you will have to say goodbye to styling tools and products for a while at least.

We suggest air-drying your hair and if you are unable to ditch your curling rod and iron then make heat-protectant serums and sprays your best friends.

4.   Don’t overwash your hair:

Yes you read that right. No matter how greasy your hair feels, washing them on a daily basis is the biggest mistake that you are making.

Over Shampooing trips off all the natural oils from the scalp and as a result your hair will feel and look weak, torn and dry.

The natural oils produced by the scalp is its own way of enriching itself. So if you let those oils sit at least for a day then it will be great for stimulation of follicles.

You can always opt for a mild dry shampoo if you can’t stand greasy hair. Dry shampoos work wonders by soaking excess oils from the scalp without extremely drying the hair out.

5.   Get a trim regularly:

Trimming your hair might seem like a wrong approach to getting long lustrous hair. But before you judge me, hear me out. When I say trim regularly, I mean getting rid of 2 to 3 inches of your hair every three to four months and not more than that.

Now let’s discuss how trimming can help stimulate new hair growth.

If you get a trim every three months your hair will be free of all the split ends. And on the contrary if you choose to not trim then there is a very high chance that split ends will eventually work their way up and cause breakage in the shafts of your hair.

So getting a hair trim will make your hair look fuller and healthier which is obviously a goal along with getting lengthy hair right.

6.   Go for natural remedies rather than store bought products:

No matter how good some store bought hair stimulation products may be, we believe that they’re all packed with chemicals so they do have certain after effects.

So it is better to indulge in natural remedies, you can find dozens of them on the internet. They may take some more time to show results but they won’t cause any harm to your hair in the long run.

See a Dermatologist in DHA Karachi if you would like to opt for clinical treatments to stimulate hair growth.

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