The Two Best Fights in the Last Decade of UFC

The UFC, Ultimate Fighting Championship, has been a source of incredibly interesting fights throughout the years. There are fights that have been incredible from the first to the last minute. There have been fights that had danger, action, and tension written all over them. With UFC 277 just around the corner, expect some amazing bouts there too. UFC 277 odds show so many close fights, which should produce an amazing card. So, here are the two most interesting fights, in my humble opinion.

#2 Glover Teixeira vs. Jiri Prochazka – Light Heavyweight Championship, 2022

The stage was set for the contender Jiri Prochazka to challenge the current light heavyweight champion of the world, Glover Teixeira. We knew there would be violence going into this fight. Both fighters have pasts of giving and taking loads of punishment. But many thought Glover, the aging fighter, would go out with relative ease. But boy, were they wrong. 

This fight was the embodiment of pure willpower and old man strength. The fight began how most would expect it to. Both fighters trade strikes, and Glover attempts several takedowns. Glover was able to take Jiri down a total of 5 times through his 17 attempts. Glover held 9:47 of control time. But it wasn’t until the fifth round that things got crazy. 

Glover had Jiri significantly hurt on several occasions. He landed a flush right hand which seemed to absolutely waver Jiri. However, Glover jumped on the guillotine, which ultimately was unsuccessful in the accumulation of sweat, blood, and Jiri’s willpower. Then again, Glover had him wobbling. And this time, Glover, instead of finishing him, went for the double leg takedown and took full mount. 

Even in this position, Glover could not diminish their willpower and determination of Jiri. Though Jiri is not known for his grappling, he was able to scramble out of these messy situations and survive Glover’s threatening submissions. You could hear the crowd screaming “ooh” and “ahh” with every Jiri strike and Glover takedown. 

Ultimately, the fight ended in the 5th round with 28 seconds remaining as Jiri was able to slip a rear-naked choke onto the exhausted Glover Teixeira. What’s the craziest part about this fight is the fact that Teixeira was ahead on the scorecards of Jiri. If he had not made the fatal flaw of slipping his back to Jiri, he would still have the title belt now. 

#1 McGregor vs. Diaz II, 2016

This fight takes the number one spot for me because of the leadup in addition to the fight itself. The first fight between the two created so much animosity between two fighters that the pressers before the rematch were entertaining enough on its own. McGregor, king of the trash talk, absolutely hammered Diaz with insults on insults.

These two fighters brought more to the cage than simply just their skill, which is why this rematch needed to happen. The fact that the fight was one for the records is simply the cherry on top. 

The fight was scheduled for 5, 5-minute rounds, and we received 25 minutes of straight action. McGregor opened the fight with his signature leg kicks which began abusing Diaz’s legs. McGregor looked so polished throughout the first round of the fight. Fighters talked trash to each other as they looked each other in the eyes in the octagon. 

In the second round, McGregor landed a vicious overhand left which knocked Diaz to the ground. But Nate Diaz is known for his heart and continued fighting and landing strikes of his own. And by the third round, it looked as if Diaz was getting the better of Conor in the interactions. 

The fourth and fifth championship rounds are what made this fight one of the legends. The crowd was electric, chanting for both Diaz and McGregor. Fighters were swinging and landing heavy blows on each other. It looked as if they were both one hard strike away from being put away. But they continued killing each other to the final bell. 

Although Conor McGregor won that fight via majority decision, Nate Diaz displayed a tremendous performance that will go down as one of the best ever. Whether you bet on UFC, were interested in UFC odds, or whatever, you were amazed by this fight. 


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